6 Apps That Should Be in Every Student’s Mobile

1. CliffsNotes

Teachers hate them, students love them. And now they’re available as a mobile app. The CliffsNotes Study Guides app is free for iOS devices. If your course load includes another classic novel, you’ll have to pony up $2 for each study guide you need. The available titles include a decent selection, ranging from “The Outsiders” to “Paradise Lost” and “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” but students in need of help with some lesser-known titles may be out of luck.

2. EverNote Peek

As soon as you launch this iPad-only app, it tells you that it’s best experienced on an iPad 2 .  I tested it on an iPad that met neither of those criteria and am pleased to report that it still worked very well. EverNote Peek comes with a few pretty specific caveats.

3. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This app is meant for serious and genuine computing. RealCalc Scientific Calculator runs for free on Android devices and if you still want something better, try RealCalc Plus that is available for $3.49.

4. myHomework

Forget the old paper totting, move into the new millennium with myHomework, a digital version of your favorite day planner. Available as an app for Android, Chrome, iOS, and Windows 8, myHomework lets you track down assignments, projects, tests, class schedules, and more. Enter an assignment, and myHomework will know when it’s due based on your class schedule. If your teacher uses Teachers.io, the app also allows you to receive assignments and messages directly.

5. Wolfram Alpha

By using its supercomputing Cloud technology, Wolfram Alpha will provide you with quick answers to all your research questions. iOS and Android users will have to shell out $2.99 if they are to use this app on their smartphones.

6. Math Alarm

Math Alarm lets you turn off the alarm after you’ve solved an equation; luckily, it’s problems are not very too difficult to solve.
If you want to make sure you get to class on time and squeeze in a little extra math practice better then Math Alarm is just perfect! That’s exactly what Math Alarm is, a free iOS app, can help you do. Set the alarm for the time you need to rise, and you’ll have to answer a math problem in order to turn it off. The problems aren’t tricky—think basic addition—but they are enough to rouse your brain so that you’re more likely to wake up and not hit the

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