Beat The Board Blues  

The first big ladder for a student’s life is round the corner. The Boards are a student’s first tryst with a major step towards career. The exam fever is all spreading like an epidemic.

An exam that holds the key to students’ future, it becomes even more important to have a clear strategy in mind when it comes to charting out a preparation plan.

Play on Strategies

The focus should be on strategizing game-plans and tricks that help exam preparation to be less time consuming and more effective. There are times when students pile up study notes in their mind which results in cluttering up the brain. Studying for long hours alone won’t help but study for appropriate time with a smart strategy will actually make a difference.

Make strategies like creating up a story! It makes more sense to remember the key points and use your own stock of transition words to connect them into a story.

Positive Stress

Stress is not always negative because sometimes it works in motivating you and improving your performance. In a large number of students it is seen that small amounts of positive stress, increases the mind’s cramming capacities by many times which eventually helps in getting good result.


It is important to keep a check on how prepared you are, solve as many online tests paper as you can. This gives you a better understanding on your weaknesses and strengths. Get yourself these tests and examine yourself chapter wise or topic-wise.

Raise Your Energy Levels

Low energy results in lack of concentration and interest, this in turn affects your performance. Keep your energy level high. Don’t make your preparation monotonous; give yourself short breaks of 5-10 minutes in every 2-3 hours. This will boost your mechanism and help you study efficiently.

Have a Healthy Diet

Following a nutritious and healthy dietary schedule is important when you begin preparations for any exam. Ensure that you take a light dinner whenever you plan to study till late. Overeating decreases the grasping power and you will feel lethargic all the while. This will create difficulty for you when it comes to remembering facts and figures. Eat fruits and drink a lot of water.

All the more, believing in yourself is the most important thing. Study hard with all your heart and no one can stop you from succeeding with flying colors.

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