Difference Between CV and Resumé

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Did you ever wonder why some call it a ‘Resume’ while others call it a ‘CV’? Ever wondered if they’re both the same or different? Well, we have the answer to your question. Certainly there are differences between both these application types of applications. Let’s first start with introducing both the applications.

What is a CV?

Curriculum Vitae, popularly known as CV is an informative document that can be formed over two or more pages and contains a high level and in-depth details about your achievements, accomplishments, awards, honours etc. It is simply more than just a career biography. Basically, it is a summary of your educational as well as academic backgrounds, publications, presentations and affiliations.

Usage- CV is mostly used for academic positions including faculty openings, assistantships, and internships; also grant, scholarship and fellowship applications.


What is a Resume?

The word “resume” may also be spelled “resumé” or “résumé” and pronounced as “Re-sume-ey”

Typically, a resumé is a concise document that is usually not longer than one page as the intended the reader will not stay on the application document for too long. The aim of a resume is to make an individual stand out from the competition by providing crisp outlined information about him/her.

One should adapt the resume to every position he/she applies for. It is in the applicant’s interest to change the resume from one job application to another and to custom it as per the needs of the specific post he/she is applying for. It is not mandatory for a resume doesn’t have to be ordered chronologically, it can just highlight the important aspects of your career without giving out many details.

Usage- A resume is used for business, industry, governmental, and non-profit job applications.  The main purpose of the resume is to help you get to the interview seat.  A crisp and polished resume is your chance to make a good first impression with potential employers.


CV – Detailed and long, covers your entire career, achievements, static
Resume – Crisp and short, no particular format rule, highly customizable


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