Do You Talk To Yourself? You Are A Genius!

Do you often speak to yourself? Do you love talking to the mirror? Voila! You might be the genius. Studies prove that talking to yourself makes you smarter and your brain works more efficiently. When you think out loud you may have the tendency to complete tasks easier. It is told that Einstein used to mumble to himself most of the time, people used to call him insane but we all know what that insanity actually did. Today he is known to be one of the most genius minds that ever existed in the universe.

As children we all have been told that by talking to ourselves or mimicking our parents, for some reason is always considered to be rude. While mimicking might actually be something rude (and we won’t defend it) but talking to yourself is not insane, it is a sign of you believing in yourself, it is one of the intra-personal acts.

Psychologist Daniel Swigley says that talking to yourself when you know what you’re looking for speeds up the finding process because it sparks up the memory.

Logically, when you talk to yourself, you’re paying attention to someone who knows you more than anyone: you. If you berate yourself for doing something stupid and regret about something you’ve done, obviously your self-talk is going to make you feel even worse about it. But if you get a good dialogue to yourself, you can make real headway in clarifying your thoughts and even uplifting your mood.

Here are a few benefits self-talk can give you:

  1. Give a pat to your shoulder.Even if no one else seems to appreciate you at the moment, compliment yourself on the way you handled a complicated situation and when you left your comfort zone for something new or just got through a busy day.
  1. Give yourself a boost talk. Be your own motivational talk. Self-talk can help you inspire yourself to achieve a goal at work, in a relationship as well as in your personal behavior.
  1. Debate both sides of a difficult decision. Saying your options out loud and elaborating on the pros and cons can help bring the right choice to light, and you might be surprised at the unexpected direction your thoughts take when they’re audible.
  1. Understand yourself better. Have you ever found yourself weeping when you didn’t think anything was wrong? That’s actually your subconscious.
  1. Practice a difficult conversation. Rehearsing what you need to say to get your points understood across clearly will put you in a much better position when it comes time to communicate about a tough issue.
  1. Boost your memory.Studies prove that saying the location out loud when you place an object will help you remember where you put it. Try it!
  1. Get Rid of Stress. Who couldn’t use one more way to get rid of stress? Work it through with a monologue.

So if you talk to yourself, trust us when we say that you’re not insane- you’re actually a genius!

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