World’s Coolest Jobs That Will Make You Feel Jealous

Typically, a job is pictured as a 9 to 5, boring, sitting inside one cubicle- basically a monotonous routine job. But that’s not completely true, not all jobs are bad. There are several jobs in worth that will make you envy them. We have accumulated the best ones here. Checkout!

Professional Sleeper


If you sleep during your working hours, you would probably be fired if caught or at least be given a stern warning. But what if you get paid for sleeping? Sounds great? Yes there’s a job called professional sleeper where you get paid for sleeping.

Professional sleepers are hired majorly by researchers and doctors. Ever wonder all those studies that you hear or read about sleep? Well, in order for them to achieve that information, they need to study someone who is sleeping.

Ice Cream Taster

There are many dream job and as a kid, do you remember fantasizing a job that requires you to taste and test ice-creams? Just imagine a career where one works tasting ice cream.  You’d know that you will have to taste thirty flavors of ice-cream, by lunch.  Indeed this is the dream of many a youngster and kids.  To grow up to be an ice cream taster sounds very ideal.

Water slide Tester


Do you love adventure and amusement parks? Well, there’s actually a job that exists- a waterslide tester. A water slide tester is responsible for visiting water parks owned by his or her employer and trying out new water slides. Depending on the company, the tester may receive a short-term contract, along with a salary and a travel allowance.

Video Game Tester

Two young men playing video game in dorm room, side view

Do you love playing video games? Are you game bluff? Then this job is just perfect for you. Make decent money playing new games on your sofa!

Fashion Buyer

Buy clothes with your skills and talent. You don’t pay money to buy those beautiful dresses, you get them for free. A Fashion Buyer basically experiments the different trends.



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