6 Questions To Be Asked While Salary Negotiation  

Salary negotiation has always made most job seekers uncomfortable. You may be asking for too little, or too much or worse wreck your chances of getting the best possible salary deal. Negotiations will not be a problem if you know what to ask. We’ve listed  6 questions that job hunters should ask during salary negotiation after an interview.

  1. Is the salary you offered negotiable? – You have been selected and the offer letter has been sent across. This is when you politely ask if the salary is negotiable. Asking this will make it clear to you if your recruiters are ready to put more money on the table. If the answer is a blunt no, move on to negotiating other things.
  2. Is this base only? – You should be well versed if the amount offered to you is just the base compensation or total compensation. When you ask ‘is this base only?’ it portrays that you have done your homework and are interested in details of bonus and increments. This will also open up opportunities for you to ask about annual hikes and the likes.
  3. Will my evaluation affect my raise? – Though these are two separate questions they are usually liked because in most organizations a raise is given on the basis of evaluation of performance. There is a chance that your company may have a different policy, so to be on the safe side, ask.
  4. When do the benefits start? Could you please elaborate it? – Benefits like life insurance and medical claims are offered by organizations. If your insurance or the likes are going to expire and need to be renewed you can ask your new employers to find a solution to it.
  5. May I have the job description? – This is just to verify the job description discussed with you during the interview. It will give you a clear view of the list of duties you are expected to do. If some of the pointers were not mentioned to you previously you can use them to persuade your employer to pay you more, then again, this is situational.
  6. When would you like an answer? – We live in a society where being thoughtful is appreciated more than being impulsive. Therefore, you should never accept any job offer immediately. When you say ‘I think this a great opportunity but I will need to think about it and get back to you’ it buys you time which you can use to strategise your salary negotiation further. You should also avoid mentioning that you need to discuss the opportunity with your parents or spouse. This makes you seem incapable of taking decisions all by yourself.

When you ask these questions you make your prospect employers aware of your capabilities as a good negotiator. It also brings across that you have done your homework and people cannot trick you into doing something you don’t want to. After all, you want the recruiter to know that they are making a wise decision by hiring you and that you are not going to come inexpensive.

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