10 Things We Hate About Summer


The dripping sweat, the melting ice-cream or the killing heat- We absolutely hate certain things about Indian Summer, don’t we? With the month of May approaching, it feels like all things that are annoying, gross and horrible yuck just unite and breed in order to make our lives more miserable. All the thanks to the air conditioners and cooler that we can still survive in this horrid summer of India. Listed down are few points that we just HATTEEEE about the Indian summer.

1. Crowded public transport

Ugh it so stinky! Wait a minute…is that somebody else’s sweat?

2. Pocket digging Electricity bill

Surviving without AC is nearly impossible but when the bill gets generated we’re like “Let’s get a cooler”

3. When the car turns into a green room

And you feel like a chicken getting roasted.

4. The Sudden Power Cuts

Yes, power cuts are a common occurrence in the summer but does it have to be at 3 A.M. in the midst of our sound sleep? How can we sleep without the AC or even a fan?

5. Ice creams melt way too fast

When you take out ice cream from the freezer, it’s as hard as stone. So you place it on the kitchen slab hoping it will melt just the right amount, allowing you to scoop it out easily. But before you know it, there is a puddle of Belgian chocolate on the kitchen floor.

6. Sun burns and tans

No amount of sunscreen, protecting covers etc tend to help you. Indian summer is so screeching that it just enters all your derma layers like a laser light.

7. No More Brunches and Lunches

Gone are the days when you could hop out to have a good brunch, the sun will make you forget your hunger!

8. The Short Life Span of Food

You cook vegetabkles and after few hours…woosh! They start rotting.

9. The office air conditioner

It works only on two modes. “As-Cold-As-The-North-Pole” or “Switched Off.”

10. The excuses

It’s too hot to go for a walk.
It’s too hot to workout.
It’s too hot to go to the park.
It’s too hot to sit on the deck.
It’s too hot to cook.
It’s too hot to sleep.

While the summer brings all these miserable things along, it does bring great things too! Know why love Indian summer too.


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