4 Kinds of Interview Questions


Every one of us faces interview(s) in many stages of our life. An interview is an art of representing yourself. I personally believe that you get to know yourself every time you give an interview. Knowing how to put together a strong answer to the most common interview questions is the key to landing a job. The art and science of creating productive answers involves being strategic in crafting your responses as well as a strong hold practice. People don’t get lucky when the crack an interview, they perform well. Interview is an art of selling your skills and talent. Imagine yourself as a salesperson who is selling a product. What would you talk about the product? Apparently, you’d talk about the qualities of the product and how is it going to benefit the customer. That’s what you do to yourself. The employer needs to know if you’re the right candidate for the profile they’re looking for.

According to the psychological aspect following interview questions are further divided into the below categories-

  1. Behavioral questions: Questions like these usually start with, “Tell me about a time when…” this is when the employer wants to hear about a relevant story from your experiences to better understand how you’ll perform in the future. Therefore, try connecting your answers in a logical and strategic way.
  2. Problem solving questions: Employers want to understand how good are you in tackling problems faces during work. These questions might be about pressure handling, multi-tasking, co-employee relations etc. For example, “If given 3 tasks at a time, how will you set the priority?”
  3. Motivation questions: These might be like- Why this job? Why this organization? Why are you leaving your current job? These types of questions are most commonly asked ones. The employer here wants to know what drives you in, your passion for growth and your perspective to see your career.
  4. Skill based questions: These questions are professional, they’re asked to assess your skills. For example, if you’re given a writing assignment during an interview, the employer would want to check how good you’re at it.

Remember this checklist

If you have an interview coming up your way, make sure you’re well prepared.

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