25 Days Crash Preparation Plan For SBI Prelims 2015

SBI is one of the most trusted and good ranked public sector banks of India. Every year, the bank recruits various candidates in its branches from all over India to fill up hundreds of vacancies. The exam for the recruitment of probationary officers is called SBI PO Examination as the bank itself believes in specialization and expertise for every post it offers. Thousands of aspirants get their names enrolled in the exam with a strong determination to fit themselves in one of the branches of SBI.

General Awareness is not included in the following plan as it is the concept of basic routine where you can make it a daily habit of reading newspapers, watching TV etc.

DAY 1-10

Data interpretation: Start with Basic Mathematics and go forward with fractions, number systems, decimals. Study surds deeply and solve problems related to it, once you are done with surds carry forward with partnership. You may already be pretty familiar with percentage, revise it again. After doing all the above mentioned modules, try solving some practice papers or online tests.

Reasoning: This part is further divided into two parts- verbal and non verbal. Start from the basics of both the types with examples. You can start with symmetry and problems related to it. In verbal reasoning, solve some standard problems from practice tests while in nonverbal reasoning, complete visual ability and get yourself introduced to 5 figure series. Further, practice coded relationship.

English LanguageKick start with vocabulary and read and talk about famous personalities, it will help you in the descriptive papers.  For grammar, you can begin with basics such as sentence, tenses, subject and predicate, phase, clauses and Nouns. Further take grammar practice ahead with adjectives and keep them on the nook of your fingers. Review the entire vocabulary part that you studied for the past two days. While in grammar get your focus into Articles.  Once done with above all, get synced with comprehension, active and passive voice in Grammar and, in vocabulary, talk about flattering your friends and colleagues.

DAY 10-20

Data interpretationMove to the advanced part of the percentage chapter. Learn more about average and focus more on it. Try solving various types of Average and percentage related problems. Once done, checkout the problems related to age, time and work as well as work and wages. Move ahead with Simple Interest and Compound Interest. Profit and loss should also be covered during this period.

Reasoning: Keep practicing with verbal and non verbal problems.Input output basics shifting” is a good part to study in verbal reasoning. 5 figure series demands your attention in nonverbal reasoning. Move further with critical reasoning. Arguments in verbal reasoning and missing figure series in nonverbal reasoning are to be studied with optimum presence of mind.

English Language: During this period, practice active and passive voice, types of tenses, auxiliary and modals. Do not lose focus on vocabulary. Practice essay writing to get a niche of descriptive papers.

DAY 20-25

Data interpretationIt is now the time to practice sums on time and distance as well as trains and stream, Mensuration, Data sufficiency and Data interpretation. Once done, start with permutation and combination as well as probability.

Reasoning: Revise the part you have studied and get drenched into 4 figure series. Study evaluating interferences in verbal reasoning and continue with missing figure series. Practice using online tests for the same.

English Language: You are now well familiar with vocabulary, now is the time to focus greatly on prepositions, conjunctions and interjection. Read comprehension and practice writing. Revise Transformation of Sentences and start with Direct and Indirect Speech. Talk about the things that are going around the world for encapsulating more vocabulary and also explore some difficult words. Also practice structure formations.

Although for cracking the SBI Prelims, you need to start preparing as soon as possible. The crash course will help you accelerate you preparation and make you fully equipped.

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