How Meditation Can Help Your Career

There are proven facts that show physical and mental benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is not a small term but has a wider spectrum to it, there are many ways to meditate.
In order to have a good career you need to have a stable mind and stable/peaceful mind can be achieved with practices of Meditation.
The thought of meditation could be discouraging as the process can be effected by a lot of distractions.
Here are few tips on Meditation and how can it benefit your career. Take a look.


1. Set a particular time. Meditating for even less like five minutes every day can benefit you majorily.
How you recognize the benefits are that you simply feel a bit less stressed out and you feel things moving on a slower pace. The practice of meditation will give you a larger perspective on things.
In everyday life it is pretty common to feel irritated in smaller things that can be handled easily if looked at a bigger picture. If you get into regular practice of meditation, you’ll find it easier to take a look at the whole picture and stay calmer and relaxed in dealing with all the things you have to deal with every day.

2. Make a Space to Meditate. Create a space that gives inner peace and joy. This could be a cushion kept in the corner of your home or even your office space.
“There have been times when I’ve had a really busy week and a lot has been going on and I’ll sit down on the cushion and then I’ll just start crying and I’ll realize that I’m so sad about this one thing, but I had no space to grieve, no space to think about it; I was zipping from one thing to the other all week,” says Pennell, who has studied at Insight Meditation Society, “One of my meditation teachers likened it to a washing machine. You put the laundry in, maybe all the water comes out gray and the laundry comes out clean. It gives you space to experience what is happening, too.”

3. Focus on your breathing. The main key to meditate well is to focus on your breathing. Inhale deep and exhale everything out. It’s like you are inhaling the positive energy and exhaling out the entire negativity. It is medically proven that controlled breathing stabilizes blood pressure and increases oxygen flow that results in increasing alertness.
4. Study Meditation. To develop a good meditation practice, it is important to research about the psychology behind it. We recommend you to read books like “Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom”. You can as well browse the internet about it.
5. Keep Patience. Meditation may sound simple but it really is not. It is difficult to be alone with our thoughts. Keep patience and it will go in the right direction.
Meditation is the art of conditioning your brain that keeps your peace of mind in place and intact and help you perform better at work and see a larger picture of your career.

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