7 Things You Should Avoid At An Interview

Interview is a part of career that everyone are subjected to face in life. If your CV and cover letter have been impressive enough to get you an interview, the job could be yours – provided you perform exceptional at the interview. The job you’re going for maybe be sought by many even the most seasoned professional can get flustered and spoil their chances, so with a little preparation you can avoid falling foul of these common interview blunders.


Not preparing what to wear– Trust us when we say that you first impression actually build up a thought about your personality. This is a bigger mistake than you may realize. When you reach into your closet to select your interview attire and find something has chewed its way through the sleeve, or you forgot the huge ketchup stain on your lucky tie, you could be in trouble if you don’t have a plan B. How you look is important, and you need to present a professional appearance. Even if you aren’t interviewing to be a fashion diva, consider preparing what to wear a priority.




Do not answer your cell phone- Never never answer your phone when you’re talking to the employer.  It doesn’t matter how important you are: turn off your cell phone and put it away when you’re in the interview. By doing so, you indirectly and unintentionally tell your employer how unimportant this interview is for you. If you forget and instinctively answer it when it rings or buzzes, you may be saying goodbye to a new opportunity.

businessman taking a private call during working hour


Avoid cracking jokes- Don’t joke! Even if you think your jokes are funny, keep them out of the interview room. You are equally likely to offend as you are to amuse an interviewer, so don’t take a chance. Of course a friendly conversation is a good idea but you need to create a boundary for that too.




You have nothing to ask- That seriously shows that you are just interesting in getting the job and not in the company! Seriously – if you want the job, you should have well-considered inquiries for your interviewer that cannot be answered with a quick Google search about the company. You’ll be surprised by how few candidates make a point to research organizations before they interview, so any pointed questions referencing your research should help impress your interviewer. Do a proper homework about the company so that you make relevant questions.




Too much “I”- Some people love saying I did this, I did that, and leave no room for co-work, take into account that most of jobs need people that is able to work in groups, to cooperate and get the objectives, of course you can brag a little about your accomplishments.




Going late-Traffic jam, getting up late, Tyre puncture-Nope! Not the employer’s problem! There’s no room for blaming situations for you appearing late to the interview. Start early, taking up considerable amount of time- reaching early is much better than reaching late.




Do NOT Lie- Under any circumstances, be respectful and honest with your interviewer, it won’t be hard for them to figure out if you are lying or not, and in case you get hired, it will probably be the reason for you being fired, which is even worse!

Author of the article this illustration was made for gave up lying for thirty days and wrote about the highlights.  GQ Magazine.

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