JEE Main 2015 Syllabus

As specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the syllabus for JEE 2015 is the list of those topics which are covered in class 11 and class 12. These topics are considered to be the basics engineering aspirants must master before enrolling for undergraduate engineering programs. Following is the standard syllabus to be followed.

JEE Main 2015 Syllabus (Class XI)
Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Logarithms and Related Expression Unit. Dimension and Measurement Periodic Table and Properties
Compound Angles Kinematics Mole Concept
Quadratic Equation and Expression Newtons Laws of Motion Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
Sequence and Progression Circular Motion Chemical Bonding
Trignometric Functions, Equations and Inequations Work, Power and Energy Gaseous State
Solutions of Triangle Momentum and Collision Electronic Displacement Effect
Straight Line and Pair of Lines Centre of Mass and Inertia Atomic Structure
Circles Rotational Dynamics Isomerism
Permutation and Combinations Elasticity, Calorimetry, Thermal Expansion Redox and Equivalent Concepts
Binomial Theorem Ktg and Thermodynamics Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium
Sets, Relations and Functions Simple Harmonic Motion Chemical Kinetics
Mathematical Induction and Reasoning Mechanical Waves Nuclear Chemistry (Radioactivity)
Fluid Mechanics
JEE Main 2015 Syllabus (Class XII)
Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Limit, Continuity and Derivability Geometrical Optics Halogen Derivative
Method of Differentiation Wave Optics Co-ordination Compounds
Indefinite Integral Electrostatics Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Definite Integral Gravitation Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Application of Derivatives Current Electricity Liquid Solution and Surface Chemistry
Determinant and Matrices Capacitance Metallurgy
Vectors Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism Alcohol and Ether
3-Dimensional Geometry Electromagnetic Induction and AC Phenol
Probability Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity Solid State
Differential Equation Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Qualitative Analysis
Area Under Curve Electronic Devices Carbonly Compounds
Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola Communication System S,ps,d and f Block Elements
Complex Number Errors in Measurements and Instruments Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
Statistics Electrochemistry
Carboxylic Acids and its Derivative
Practical Organic Chemistry

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