JEE Main 2015: The Do’s and The Don’ts

JEE Main 2015 is round the corner and now comes the time to polish up your months and years long hard work. It is very important to remember that those who have acquired top ranks in JEE exams are no extraordinary students, but a very ordinary student like you! Never underestimate yourself. If you have prepared with a zeal to crack the big exam and you have the right guidance then, voila! You get the hot seat.

After speaking to experts and coaching centre teachers, we come up with these Do’s and Don’ts, that will help you achieve the dream of cracking JEE.

Following are the DO’S that one should always keep in mind-

  1. Self study is an important element of preparation. Research shows, that a student tends to grasp more by self stud.
  2. Every topic should be treated with interest and not just any other topic to mug up.
  3. Relaxing your mind is important too, take short breaks and do what you love (listen to music, watch a short film, play badminton)
  4. Solve a lot of sample papers and online test papers– This helps you to understand the nature of the exam and you get a gist of time management.
  5. Talk to people to motivate you.

While everything has a guideline to the things you should do, there are also don’ts. Checkout the DON’TS below-

  1. Don’t spend much time in parties and hangouts- these may distract you from your mission.
  2. Worrying too much about the examination will do not help you in any way. Small amount of tension is good, but taking too much of stress can bother your health thereby hampering your studies.
  3. Don’t believe in short cuts and stress on learning the concepts as most of the questions are concept based.
  4. Do not overuse your smart phone; they can really distract you from studying.


The most important thing is to keep believing in yourself and never stop dreaming high.


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