3 Indians Rank in World’s Top 5 Most Educated People List

Indian brains are world known for their intelligence. Out of 5 most educated and qualified people from the world, 3 are from our homeland India. These people have spent their life studying (woah! Can you imagine?)  Here they are-

Zhou Baokuan (China)


After studying for 35 years, Zhou has earned 9 degrees.  He is currently studying another degree that will make it a total of 10 degrees i.e a PhD at Fudan University, to add to his collection which, include three other doctorates, two master’s, and four other bachelor’s and technical certification diplomas. As easy it may sound, it wasn’t an easy road for Zhou. He calculates that his studies have taken him over 126,300 hours to complete.

Benjamin Bolger (United States)


If overachiever is a word, it suits Benjamin Bolger who hasn’t just earned 11 degrees, but has gotten them from some of the most prestigious colleges in the world. He got an early start to his higher education, graduating at only 19 years of age from the University of Michigan with his bachelor’s degree. Bolger graduated with his first doctorate from Harvard in 2008, though he is no stranger to Ivy League schools. Further, he also holds degrees from Columbia, Brown, Stanford, Dartmouth, Oxford, and Cambridge (as well as Harvard) and is still studying for an additional five through Penn and Cornell. The biggest challenge of life that Bolger faced is that he was suffering severe dyslexia, but the challenge did not hold him back and now he is amongst the most qualified people in the world.

Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy (India)


Dr. Sainbhy holds a total 35 degrees to his credit; he has set the record of being one of the most degreed people in the world. This Indian super student has degrees in different kinds of subjects in 15 master’s degrees, five post-graduate diplomas, a bachelor of law, AMIE and AMSIE certification, and numerous bachelor’s degrees. Sainbhy has spent most of his life in college classrooms and aims to do the same as long as he is able to. This clearly shows that education has no limit, no age.

Ashoka J. Prasad Jr. (India)


Indian professor Ashoka Prasad is a leader in the medical field in India, helping advance pediatrics and neonatal care for Indian citizens and has taught at prominent schools like Columbia, U Penn, Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. While he teaches health-related topics to his students, he has degrees in a much wider range of studies that makes a total of 19 degrees. These degrees include an MA in anthropology from Cambridge as well as MRC in psychiatry from the University of Edinburgh; He also holds other degrees in geography, history, mathematics, and aviation medicine.  Prasad has now retired to his home country in India, he still writes and speaks on many psychiatry topics.

R.K. Rai (India)

Some people’s quench for education never ends and Rai is one of those. In his lifetime, Rai (56) has earned more than 30 degrees, including a mind-boggling 22 MAs, 5 PhDs, and three D. Litts – all in widely divergent fields. Now retired from his work as a professor, Rai believes that lifelong learning is essential to a happy life, which may be why he plans to keep earning degrees even though he’s retired from academics. Rai has yet not paused; he is presently working on a MA in astrology from Magadh University and plans to return to college as an administrator within few months.

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