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If you’re looking to have a career in the banking industry with quality passion, then cracking SBI clerk exam this year can bring ample amount of luck and fortune your way!  SBI stands out to be one of the best Banks in the Indian Market, with its penetration sinking deeper day by day. Now there are lots of questions popping up your head, how do I prepare? What strategies do I follow? What are the time management tips? Blah Blah! If your confidence is high, and you have faith that no matter how many days are left I have a Tomorrow to Shape, then there’s none who can stop You!! Now to nail the exam, there are many factors which we need to understand and analyze, which would make us prepare well till the day of the examination.

Understanding the exam syllabus, before the preparation of the exam, is most important. This would also help you to choose the books wisely and let you know the exam pattern well. These books would cover all the topics in a detailed way and would provide outstanding solutions as per the syllabus. Josh Shop, Internet’s Largest Education Hub, helps you to discover all the latest bestselling brilliant SBI Clerical study material which lets you dive you in depth into every topic, every question, important to know to crack the exam. Keep practicing previous years bank exam question papers, to have an idea of the questions which have previously been asked in the exam, and also the time management factor starts to enter your brain!! Your General Awareness and Current Affairs should always be updated. Reading newspapers, magazines, articles should become your daily habit. You should know about all the happenings around the globe every day. Understand and study deep into the subjects properly to understand their base well. To know more, Click here.

Maintain a proper time interval for every reasoning question you try to solve. Don’t waste much time on a single question. If you feel it to be a very difficult one then better leave it and try solving another question. Try to get the stimulus of the question which acts as a connection in solving the tough problem related to puzzle or sitting arrangement question. Note every single stimulus and try adding them together to find answers for puzzles. Cross out all unnecessary words from the given question which act as a distracting medium to you in given question. If possible try to draw logical reasoning diagram and make a conclusion in solving the problems.

As Bank sector is based on data analysis, so this section plays an important role in your selection and no one can ignore it. So in this section examiner checks  your ability in understanding the raw data and converting it to a logical out put in a given time interval with 100% correctness. Try reading the question from point to point and get as much data as you can in a very first glance as you see the given question. As some time give data is very long so don’t get panic as you see it stay calm and focused and you will definitely get a stimulus to crack it. Avoid those questions which need longer calculation. Stay concentrated on the units given in the question and check out in which units’ examiner is asking the answer, as mostly they mismatch. Try to do this section first of all as in the starting your mind body and soul is working in a proper co-ordination and you can get maximum out of it.

English language is the most important tool of communication and mostly software works in the language in banking industry. So, it is important that you get the minimum passing marks in this section. Try to read a good section from a news paper or magazine on a regularly basis as I had already mentioned. Get some good grammar books and practice daily those areas in which you feel you are weak. Learn daily 10 new words and try your maximum effort to use it in your daily life so that you can become used to it. In paragraph arrangement question try to find out first and the last sentences first and later work with the middle sentences.

Well for the computers and marketing section; firstly try to get the basic knowledge from some good books, which you would get plenty here at Josh Shop. Secondly, make the list of important terms used in marketing and computers as mostly 40% question are asked from this section only, and when you excel in it then go for finance topics in marketing section of news paper and see what trending in marketing, and then what’s new in computers ,internet , email etc.

All the Best SBI Clerical Aspirants!

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