Speedy Preparation for JEE Advanced in Just 30 Days  

After a hard long preparation, JEE Main Exam is now over and its results are expected on April 27, 2015. Now comes the next stage for those who will clear out JEE Main i.e JEE Advanced 2015 which has been scheduled for May 24, 2015. It will have two papers and both will be held on the same day. If you are in the Top 20 percentile of your boards in Class 12 and score somewhere 115 to 120 marks in the JEE Main 2015 exam, you are likely to qualify for the JEE exam.

The 30 days focus point

There is about 1 month left for IIT JEE preparation now. Between your Class 12 board exams and JEE Main exam, it is obvious that you must have prepared at least 90% of your JEE Advanced syllabus already. Picking up a new topic is just a mere time waste – until you have missed out on a topic that carries a lot of weightage according to IIT JEE and JEE Advanced question papers’ analysis for the last 5 years. In that case, you might want to opt for our topic-wise online study packages.

Online study packages are quite affordable and give you thorough evaluation and self study scope. These packages have all you need to master various topics – from video lectures to mind maps to study tips and offered by subject experts that have excellent academic record, considerable online teaching experience, and are products of best universities and institutes of India.

If you haven’t covered more than 30% syllabus till now, you have no choice to spend 1 or 2 weeks (till April-end) to cover important topics that are left and then, focus on revision work and solving sample papers.

Don’ts of last 1 month before the Exam

Do not try to revise everything at once. Start with topics that carry more weightage in the exam and move to less important topics only when you have ample time.

Do not try to read full chapters now. Use revision notes, formulae sheets and mind maps to quickly go through concepts.

Give preference to solving sample papers over theoretical revision. Many students make the mistake of not taking enough mock tests in the last month because they have to go through heaps of revision notes. At this stage, use your study material only as reference while working on topics you are not able to understand clearly. Solving papers will help you to build up speed and fine-tune your exam strategy.

Keep astray of social media and your friends for a while. We tend to look for any rumours about paper leaks or postpone of exams in the last days of the exam. We talk to our friends and if they are performing better than us, we panic. If their performance is poorer than us, we might become overconfident. So, the best thing to do in the last 1 month of JEE Advanced preparation is to wean yourself off any gossiping and rumour-mongering.

Here are some recommended study material that may help you to prepare quick for the exam.

1. 36 Years Chapterwise Solved Papers (2014-1979) IIT JEE MATHEMATICS

2. IIT – JEE Advanced Solved Paper (15 – Practice Set) 2012-2014

3. Ranker+ IIT JEE 2015 by Career Orbits


Study hard and consider yourself successful!

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