Last Minute Quick JEE Preparation Tricks



  1.  Declare your study mode: Shout out “I’m studying!” – Let everyone know you are going to get busy studying; that way they are less likely to distract you.
  2. Rise and shine – Learn the most important fact in the morning. Facts are at their most available and digestible first thing in the morning so begin early for maximum brain performance!
  3. Question Yourself – Instead of writing facts, ask yourself questions during taking notes. Prepare yourself questions in the form of quiz, this will most likely imprint the answers on your brain.
  4. Switch off the gadgets – Unplug your TV, laptop and log out of your facebook account. The most distracting element could be your phone, switch it off and put it away from your sight so that you are not tempted to use it again.
  5. Mnemonics can be your study buddies – In order to remember the 1st group of periodic table in chemistry, use this – Brett Lee (Li) ne (Na) ki (K) rab (Rb) se (Sb) fariyad (Fr). Trust us, this really works!
  6. Beat the nerves – Take a break. Go for a quick walk or have a chat to a peer or someone who’s been through the exam process before, they can inspire you. Venting your feelings and getting fresh air and a blast of excercise can be a saving grace in the last few days.
  7. Solve the sample papers– Try solving as many sample papers, online test papers of JEE, these will give you a better insight about the upcoming JEE 2015.Do a review of the skills and concepts in which are your strengths. Be confident as you review everything that you know — and remember that confident feeling as you take the test.There are plenty of free resources, like practice tests, available out there. You can check Josh Shop too.
  8. Good health- Last but not the least, take good care of your body: eat right, get ample sleep, and don’t overuse caffeine or other stimulants or prescription drugs. Get plenty of exercise. A good health will lead to a healthy and grasping mind.

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