4 Ways to Get Hired Through Facebook!

Facebook is the most hyped topic these days. Everyone has it, everyone does it. There are no two ways about the fact that most of us cannot imagine our daily routine without facebook and why not? You get the updates from your friends; you share the best moments from your life on it. But have you ever thought of getting hired through this social networking site?

One of the classy examples is Hard Rock Café. We all know what Hard Rock Café is, don’t we? When Hard Rock Cafe wanted to open a new restaurant in Florence, Italy, they had to hire people within 30 days of time. They also wanted to know the people before hiring them, pretty difficult task, isn’t it? To your surprises, they hired 120 people using Facebook in just 30 days!

Social Media is a very powerful medium if you take it seriously. Here are few points that can guide you well-

  1. Networking Works!

With the clear stats in mind we can assume that everyone is on facebook. Furthermore, many of them are prospective employers and recruiters. This leaves you with an opportunity to network yourself to whoever is hiring at the moment.

The best is you can do is, identify a company/organization that is recruiting, and further find out who the hiring manager is. Then check for mutual friends or friends of friends, in order to get referred to people working for the company or even the hiring manager direct. Contact this person with your best spiel and take the best benefit.


  1. Get yourself in Groups:

Certain groups on facebook are just like those of LinkedIN groups. You can easily search platform to find discussion forums, enquiries, people offering jobs etc. Add value to yourself by joining in discussions and making your presence visible.

The objective here is simple- to network with and get noticed by others in your industry, this could lead to you being considered or recommended for upcoming job opportunities even before they are posted publicly.


  1. Professional history in profile matters!

Facebook has an elegant and absolutely easy way to add your work credentials. Just click on “edit profile,” and the top of the screen lists “Work and Education.”You may just want to add details of your current job in your profile but, we suggest, modify the entire professional history like where did you work before this company, your first job, job role etc. If you want to make your presence know to at least 65% of recruiters who troll for job candidates on Facebook, take out sometime to fill out this basic information.


  1. Status Updates

Oh yes! These are our favorite and just so helpful. The easiest way to use Facebook for a searching a job is to simply update your status with your current situation and what you are looking for. Your Friends, family, ex-colleagues, long-time-no-speak acquaintances anybody may be of great help. You will be delighted to see how much support and help you’ll get through them.


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