5 Books That Will Make You a Great Entrepreneur

There’s never shortage of books especially when it comes to a cliche subject  like Business and Management. With least efforts, you’ll find heap of books on this subject.

But all these books can confuse you as well, therefore it is very important to pick up a book wisely before investing money on it.

We have few picks that will help you understand Business and Management with a better flow.

1. Fundamentals of Business (English) 1st Edition

In a recession, it’s important to know what adjustments to make to your business plan. This book that we’re talking about here gives an in-depth information about the fundamentals of business. From Business environment to Marketing and then Financial Management, this is a definite pick!

2. Business Ethics : Ethical Decision Making and Cases

With a vibrant four-color design, the market-leading business ethics – ethical decision making and cases, ninth edition, delivers an accessible, applied text that thoroughly covers the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision making. Using a proven managerial framework, the authors address the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs-helping students see how ethics can be integrated into key strategic business decisions.

3. Statistics for Business and Economics

Statistics For Business And Economics (With CD) explains how statistics can help business executives make informed decisions. The authors explain the various statistical concepts from a business perspective.

The book covers the relationship between Data and Statistics. It then goes on to explain Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Distribution, Interval Estimation, Sampling and Hypothesis Tests.

It also covers Inference About Means and Proportions with Two Populations, Test of Goodness of Fit and Independence, Inferences About Population Variances, Regression Analysis: Model Building, Forecasting, Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance. It explains Statistical Methods for Quality Control, Index Numbers, Non-parametric Methods, and Decision Analysis.

4. Legal Aspects of Business

Legal aspect of any field has become a must in today’s time. This comprehensive and student-friendly text discusses the various laws and Acts relating to business laws such as The Indian Contract Act, The Sale of Goods Act and The Companies Act. It presents the topics in a systematic and illustrative manner, providing many case laws with a view to making them more intelligible and authentic. Legal jargon has been completely avoided so that the students can understand these laws with ease.

5. Managing Business Analysis Services

Managing Business Analysis Services illustrates how to gain maximum utility from the BA role resulting in dramatic improvements in project success rates and in meeting the strategic goals of the business. It offers the models and guidance needed to establish a complete framework and infrastructure and the methods for successfully planning, managing, and delivering end-to-end business analysis services. The book presents a pragmatic view of a robust business analysis as a service model, and illustrates opportunities for the business to maximize technology spending through the utilization of managed business analysis services

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