Crack the big CAT!

The Common Admission Test is a crucial entrance examination taken by many of management aspirants across India.

Gradually, the trends of CAT exams have been changing in some way or the other. The right mixture of strategy, planning and implementation always helps in scoring well in this big test. These simple tips before the CAT Exam will equip you with confident and gear up for the big day.

1. Start preparing early– Aspirants should always start preparing early for the exams as it would benefit them in gaining knowledge about the nature of expected questions. Another advantage to it can be spending time in developing extra reading habits and increasing vocabulary.

2. Regular Evaluation- Evaluating oneself in every 10-15 days by using mock tests is the key to track your preparation level.


3. Focus on what you know- It is advised that rather than focusing on all the topics, you should try and select those topics with which you are more comfortable. Even on the exam day, students shouldn’t try to attempt each and every question and waste their energy; they should rather invest 5 minutes in scanning a chosen section and selecting questions from their area of expertise and skill.

4. Time management- It is an essential point to crack the CAT exam and make it the college you desire. Learn to balance speed with accuracy, handling the pressure and the apt decision making

5. Smart Calculation skill- Aspirants should have a good practice on calculations. There are never long equations in CAT, the only thing which works is the smart way of calculations which can be mastered by practicing the tricks available in books and internet.

6. The last days- The last 7 days must be utilized judiciously to gain maximum advantage from your hard work and rigorous efforts.

7. Make notes- Prior to starting the mock test, try to complete as many fundamentals as possible. Jot down the unknown formulae. While analyzing the QA Section, try to find out the sitters/easy ones you have missed out during taking the mock. Note down your strengths and weaknesses.

We wish you to come out with flying colours!

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