Keeping up-to-date with Current Affairs!!

Globalization is a reality! There is no choice but to be part of the world rather than stand alone. It’s more important now to “connect the dots in what’s becoming a very small world.” Gaining knowledge in current affairs and current events allows you to decide where you fall on key issues impacting your city, region and country. Current Affairs refer to the important incidents that have occurred and hold social importance in the world. The important role of current affairs can be evident with the various eligibility criteria adopted by the job sector, where individuals are hired, based on their knowledge of their surroundings. Competitive exams portray the importance of current affairs in our lives. They dedicate a major section of their question paper to current affairs. Therefore, for students appearing for any competitive exam, like civil service exam, bank exam etc., it’s very essential to prepare the current affairs.

Competition from professionals in the global market place is growing. It’s increasingly vital to set yourself apart from your peers by displaying a broad understanding of current affairs and current events.Holding a conversation with a friend, colleague, acquaintance or even a stranger may be difficult if you don”t share common interests. Current affairs are instant conversation starters and can help you in those typical awkward moments of silence, especially during an important professional meeting. Your boundaries of conversation will extend much beyond your core areas on interests. This will allow you start conversations with virtually anyone and everyone. Current affairs spans beyond being able to shoot off answers or start conversations.Current affairs makes you street smart and helps you take well informed decisions.For example, being up-to-date on fiscal policies can help you make a profitable investment or knowing all about consumer rights can help you demand better service from a company.

Current affairs play a pivotal role in a day and age where cities are thriving multicultural hubs. Adults too, may be able to better interact with people from different cultures and save themselves from embarrassment by having common knowledge about various cultural etiquette.Current affairs are an integral part of the general knowledge domain and skimming through magazines, newsletters and websites can keep you updated on the latest trends.Being trendier encompasses everything associated with being up-to-date with the latest in fashion, media, buzzing products, teen trends and all the other things that keep you bubbly and youthful.

Opining is not always about telling someone what you think or whether you like or dislike something. It involves subtleties of making an informed choice, taking a side, manipulating and maybe even cajoling someone to do something.Even the art of avoiding giving an opinion and beating around the bush is made easier with good general knowledge because you have to know what you are being asked, what you are going to say and what else can you add to avoid doing something that you don’t want to do.


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