6 Life Hacks to Master MCQ


Preparing for competitive exam takes a really good hard work out of you. Even after years and months of preparation and sincere practice some multiple choice questions before you leave you absolutely clueless. This is one annoying experience that is more or less on the cards whenever one sits to down to answer a given set of multiple choice questions.
Instead of leaving this awkward situation unsolved and letting it bother you till eternity, you could brace yourself up to tackle it effectively by employing some smart tactics.
Guesswork could well become your forte as you put the following kills in use:
1. Nostalgia- Try figuring out answer from prior knowledge
If three out of the four questions seem familiar and one looks out of place, that which is incongruous should not be given any consideration.
2. One out of the two given words with almost similar spellings is your right answer
Suppose you see two options:
A. Refute
B. Refuse
Both the words look very similar but they actually aren’t. While their similarity may confound you, you could take heart from the fact that one of the two will probably be the right answer.
3. Overlook both when two out of the four options seem correct
Have a look at the following question:
Cristiano Ronaldo is a …. champion.
a) Truly
b) Really
c) Indian
d) True
Literal meaning difference between truly and really isn’t huge. However, the blank it seems must be filled up with an adjective and truly and really are adverbs. Hence, options a and b automatically go out of the question and your are left with two options.
4. Don’t get confused by words like ‘Every’, ‘All the above’, ‘None’
You are bound to come across these words in your multiple choice test, which more often than not will provoke you into incorrectly answering a question. In very rare cases there will be three correct answers to one single question.
5. When two options stand in complete contrast to each other, one is probably correct
Look at the following example:
In sea breeze, a breeze blows from
a) sea to land
b) land to sea
c) sea towards sky
d) morning till night
Your instinct should tell you that the right answer lies in the first two options, which are totally opposite to each other.

6. Don’t go ponder over at length
When a question seems hoodwinking, you could easily presume that it is suggesting something else. Making such presumptions is not advisable as most questions are overt by nature and examinees need not brood over them for too long.
While the tactics discussed above should make you adept in the art of surmising, you need to remember that guesswork alone won’t let you pass a test with flying colors. The age-old saying – “There is no short cut to success” may now seem like a cliché but the blinding truth is that there is no substitute for hard work. If you work hard giving the best of you then nothing can stop you achieve heights of success.

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