Nail It With Your Resume

Writing a Resume isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming to understand as to what is needed to catch the attention of the readers. Whether you’re applying for an internship or a job, your resume holds an important part of your application. It is the best marketing tool to help explain what makes you stand as the best candidate from others. Use this guide to help get started writing your own.


Basic Design Tips Advanced Design Tips
Approach templates with caution. People who see a lot of resumes will easily recognize them Consider saving in PDF Format to ensure that your resume looks unchanged when opened
A good starting place for margins is 7 Inches on all sides. Try to stay with a Clean, easily read font type. Garamond, Arial, Calibri and New Times Roman are Fine. Eleven point font is usually a good Size. Be careful with color. Keep in mind that the recipient may be printing in grayscale Ensure your resume has enough white space. It makes it easier to read.


Write a Powerful Opening Statement

You should always put forward your job objectives at the top of your resume which will catch the eye of the reader and would keep him focused. It would also describe to him what type of position you’re looking for.

If you’ve core experience in your career field, you should at least list 3-5 most important skills of yours which would illustrate your best qualifications and your work expertise. Highlighting your strengths at the opening of your resume would keep the reader interested in your resume.

Using the Right Keywords

Most companies are already using digital databases to search for candidates. This means that the HR Department will run search queries based on specific keywords. Make sure that your resume has the perfect powerful keywords related to the job you’re applying for, and then only you remain in the game stats.

Quantify Your Achievements

Rather than writing about all the duties you were responsible for, at your last jobs, list your accomplishments in action statements along with quantifiable facts to back up your claims. Use numbers, percentages and rupees amounts to show your success in achieving company goals.

Be Organized and Logical

Employers also use the resume to sense whether you’re organized, logical and concise. Make sure your resume is neat, visually appealing, with clearly separate sections, bullet points and short sentences to describe your experiences, educational background and professional objectives. There should be effective titles which should be emphasized to grab all the attention, giving the employer a good idea about the nature of your past work experience.

Be Honest and Professional, Not Personal

Most HR departments do background checks these days, so it’s better on your part to avoid all the lies and be honest not to ruin your credibility. Focus on your work experiences and not on your personal information such as race, religion, marital status, religion, age, political party, or even personal views. Avoid the use of humor and that you do surfing in your spare time. Slang should never be present in a resume.

Resume Length

Most employers and recruiting specialists, however, say that it should contain one or two pages at maximum. Just keep in mind that, provided all the necessary information is there, the shorter your resume, the better.

Update Your Resume Regularly

It is a good idea to update your resume on a regular basis. Add all the new information that you think is relevant, as well as courses, training programs and other academic qualifications that you might receive along the way. This is the best way to keep track of everything and to make sure that you will not end up sending an obsolete document to the employer.

Use Action Verbs

Use Action Verbs, this is an advice to all jobseekers. But the question arises here, as to what are action verbs? Action verbs are verbs that would communicate what your experiences or achievements were. Examples include managed, coached, enforced and planned. Use active voice always.


Let multiple people read your resume for errors (grammar, punctuation). You are likely to get mixed reviews from people who would go through your resume due to experience and opinion. If maximum feels it to be well written, then yes you have plumbed into the depth of success.


•    Does it contain keywords for your chosen position, career field, or industry?
•    Is it targeted and specific to its purpose?
•    Is your resume easy to read?
•    Did you use bullets, bold, italics or capital letters to enhance its readability?
•    Are bullets listed in an order of power or importance?
•    Are your name, address, phone, and email listed?
•    Did you proofread it?

Having a solid and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of landing into that dream job! You’re a smart job seeker! You know that a resume is a very important component of a job. May be this is the first time you are sitting down to make a resume or you are updating your old one for the umpteenth time, either way, you’ll want to use this guide to be sure you’re doing all you can to have the best resume possible!!

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