Success Mantra for Competitive Exams

“Do you want success in your upcoming competitive examination?”. If yes, then you are on the right platform, for your answer. This article would help you out to make a better, strategic preparation for any examination. It’s the first step towards the future you dream of living, whether it lies in pursuing the career of your choice or the research field, you are interested in. The key points to success are highlighted below

Join a coaching centre

Joining coaching institutes helps in providing proper counseling, clearing one’s doubts and they provide you with additional study materials.One should follow these classes diligently, because they teach you an approach, which is different.


Time Management: The Key to Success!

Time is precious, it’s gold! You should distribute equal time to each section and more time should be given to that section or part in which you feel you’re weak.Try not to indulge in activities that are useless. Do something valuable and worthwhile.


Adopt the right strategy:

Get your basic fundamentals correct. Brush up your grammar, matriculation math’s formulas should be on your finger tips. Read newspapers and magazines daily to work on your general knowledge. EBooks and CDs on Current Affairs and Events are also available on our Jagran Joshshop, which will provide you phenomenal grip on GK to crack those exams! The rest of the journey becomes easy once you accomplish this.


Study and Practice Everyday:

Everyday study is a must! In mathematical subject / topic, daily practice is required. It clears concepts. You may get doubts while studying; get them cleared from your professors or teachers ASAP!

Practice makes you perfect. Solve previous year’s paper / model test papers to improve your skills of paper solving. This improves your capability, speed andaccuracy. These papers for all competitive exams are available at our Jagran Joshshop.


The SWOT Analysis: Focus on your strengths:

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Through this technique, you will know where your strengths lie and where exactly you go wrong. Work hard to overcome your weaknesses, give extra time to them. Polish your strengths and make them perfect.


Be Confident, Positive and Energetic:

Being confident gives you more power. Stay very energetic and highly motivated. Work hard to achieve your goal. One failure shouldn’t deter your spirit. Make your determination unbreakable! Perseverance is the word.


Know the Exam Pattern + Syllabus:

First , search the exam pattern, like as the question is objective or subjective and there are negative markings or not. After this, search the syllabus of the exam like subjects and the topics. This will help you to solve the paper better and be more confident in your approach. Take mock test and see how you fare in them. Take valuable advice.


Self-Discipline: Eat Healthy, Meditate, Exercise, Sleep:

Discipline is very important to achieve anything, be it eating, meditating, exercising or sleeping. Take a healthy breakfast i.e. you will feel energetic the whole day. A balanced diet is important thing to follow for good health. Try and exercise regularly, an hour each day, it would boost metabolism.

Try meditating, decreases stress levels and your mind stays calm. Follow a strict routine and stick to it. Follow a regular sleep routine. Make a timetable, work out and execute it sincerely. Do not heed distractions. Be focused.

Finally inference can be drawn as in Competitive exams aim at identifying students who have acquired knowledge of subjects by understanding concepts, visualizing situations and applying theory to solve problems.





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