Top Recommended books for Career in Computer Science

In this tech savvy world, youngsters today desire to construct their career in computer science, and why not? Computer Science is the biggest invention by the mankind.

If you want to prepare yourself for appearing in exam for computer science, here are our recommendations, have a look!

1. Computer Arithmetic Algorithms

This book explains the principles of algorithms used in arithmetic operations on digital computers. It covers basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in fixed-point and floating-point number systems in addition to more complex operations such as square root extraction and evaluation of exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

2. Fundamentals Of Computer Security

This book presents modern concepts of computer security. It introduces the basic mathematical background necessary to follow computer security concepts. Modern developments in cryptography are examined, starting from private-key and public-key encryption, going through hashing, digital signatures, authentication, secret sharing, group-oriented cryptography, pseudorandomness, key establishment protocols, zero-knowledge protocols, and identification, and finishing with an introduction to modern e-bussiness systems based on digital cash. Intrusion detection and access control provide examples of security systems implemented as a part of operating system. Database and network security is also discussed.

3.  Principles of Computer Graphics

Although computer graphics games and animations have been popular for more than a decade, recently personal computers evolved to support real-time, realistic-looking interactive games. OpenGL, a technology standard to develop CG applications, has had incredible momentum in both the professional and consumer markets. Once only the domain of production houses, OpenGL has grown to be the standard for graphics programming on all platforms, personal computers, and workstations. Now more than ever, people are eager to learn about what it takes to make such productions, and how they can be a part of them.

4. Computer Internet & Multimedia Dictionary

This dictionary covers the core of Information Technology featuring about 3500 entries on computing, tele-communications, and digital electronics. It also covers the Internet and World Wide Web technologies and includes important people, machines and events in the history of computing, and provides glimpses of latest discoveries / inventions of the 21st Century.


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